We make your dreams come true - with our selection of exclusive horseback riding tours worldwide you will experience spectacular landscapes, a unique flora and fauna and in addition the comfort of exquisite accommodation - horseback riding tours for connoisseurs! Time is precious - fill it with unforgettable experiences...

ICELAND - Southern Iceland Exclusive

Discover the highlights of southern Iceland in comfort: small groups, hotel accommodation and the most beautiful day trips You have always wanted to go to Iceland, but you don't want to miss the comfort you are used to? Our new riding programme in the south offers hotel comfort instead of hikers' cabins. Furthermore, we guarantee especially small groups with only 8 participants on this ride, so that individual attention is guaranteed. The ride takes you to some of the big highlights in the south of Iceland, over lava fields, through green river valleys, past hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers and volcanoes.

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SPAIN - Ruta del Vino

Enjoy horse riding, nature, culture and wine
The Ribera del Duero is a wine-growing area in the region of Castile and Leon. In the 1980s and 1990s it experienced a fabulous development and is now one of the most famous wine growing regions in Spain with around 180 wineries.

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BOTSWANA - Okavango Delta

The sparkling horse safari****
Water is life and there is plenty of it here in the Okavango Delta, the largest inland delta on earth. Feel the life in full force with lively gallops through wide flood plains, surrounded by wild animals like giraffes, antelopes and zebras! A riding safari could hardly be more exciting and spectacular than here in the heart of Botswana, in one of the most beautiful wildlife paradises on earth. During the high tide from June to October, huge herds of animals gather to take advantage of the abundant water. But also every other season offers impressive experiences.

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BOTSWANA - Mashatu Big Game Reserve

Tuli Riding Safari****
Many things are gigantic in the 75,000 hectare Mashatu Game Reserve, the "Land of Giants": the abundance of game, the large herds of elephants, the impressive sandstone formations, the giant Mashatu trees and ancient baobabs, the unique variety of the landscape, the impressive expanse that offers plenty of space for relaxed gallops. Enjoy this extraordinary riding safari, where the "7 African Giants" live: elephant, lion, giraffe, baobab, eland, ostrich and Kori bustard.

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SOUTH AFRICA & BOTSWANA - Waterberg and Mashatu Game Reserve

African Explorer Riding Safari****
Two countries, two luxurious tented camps with pool, countless wild animals: With our classic, the popular African Explorer, you will experience Africa up close - on horseback, of course! You combine the most beautiful wildlife areas in South Africa and Botswana into an unforgettable safari adventure that has already inspired numerous riders. So get into the saddle and dive into the world of numerous wild animals!

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SOUTH AFRICA - Enjoy a horse safari

Luxury lodge in fantastic panoramic location and safaris on horseback
The unique location of the exclusive 5-star lodge offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the wild and romantic natural landscape of the North Valley - an insider tip for riders and guests who want to experience the untouched mountain wilderness of the African bush in style and luxury. Here you will experience exclusive horse safaris with comfort in a completely relaxed and casual atmosphere - ideal for riders and non-riding companions as well as families!

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MONGOLEI - Nomadic trail

Gobi Steppe with comfort
Endless steppes, through which large herds of camels, yaks, horses, goats and sheep pass. The only settlement consists of a few yurts in which the nomads lead an original life. Mongolia still offers pure, unspoilt nature, which is ideal for expeditions in the saddle. One of the oldest and most famous equestrian peoples invites you to experience its traditions and customs.

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MONGOLEI - On the trail of Genghis Khan

Unique nomadic riding tour in the Khentii Mountains, overnight stay in yurts only!
You have always wanted to travel Mongolia, but you did not want to miss a certain comfort? Here you have the opportunity to experience untamed wilderness and yet sleep in a bed every evening. In a small group of maximum 6 participants you will ride through a fabulously beautiful area with wild river valleys, flowering meadows, vast treeless steppes and forested mountains. An extremely varied riding tour in the south of the Khentii Mountains, the former home of Genghis Khan.

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MEXICO - Rancho Mexicana

Comfort ranch and brisk rides in colourful terrain
The Rancho Mexicana is located only 50 kilometers north of Mexico City. Endless trails lead through the diverse surroundings of the ranch. The ranch is located in a valley at about 2500m, framed by rolling hills on the horizon and surrounded by wide fields and plains. But also rugged small canyons and green forests can be found here. Due to the almost constant temperatures all year round, this area is an ideal travel destination at any time of the year. Experience the hospitality of the people, beautiful landscapes and brisk rides in the heart of Mexico.

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PERU - Machu Pichhu

On the tracks of the Incas - with comfort
Machu Picchu Lodge to Lodge Riding Tour - This is living culture, breathtaking nature, ten thousand years of history and fascinating mysticism. Collect inspiring moments and life-long memories on this magical journey that uniquely combines nature, culture and adventure. Enjoy a breathtaking mountain world with peaks of the Andes, glacial lakes and cloud forest. Experience the history and culture of the local people at close quarters and ride into an area that is accessible only to a few hikers.

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HUNGARY - Hungary at a gallop with comfort

Demanding riding, boundless terrain and charming manor house accommodation
Hungary is still a country with a great equestrian tradition and wonderful riding grounds, which allow unhindered riding over sandy paths and unlimited wide plains.
In the Hungarian lowlands, in the very south of the country, near the city of Szeged, you will find this traditionally run equestrian farm.

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USA - Wyoming

Comfortable ranch with large livestock in the Bighorn Mountains
Experience the fascinating and varied landscape of Wyoming on horseback: semi-deserts, rocky and green canyons, alpine forests, mountain meadows, crystal clear lakes and the Bighorn Mountains!
The varied day rides take you to riding areas that change daily. Spot wild animals and also enjoy a gallop with the "feeling of freedom". The individual riding care and the reliable and top trained horses will make this week an unforgettable experience for you!
Cattle work is also on the program, so you can get a taste of "real" cowboy air, a very special event!
In the evening you will return to the comfortable ranch. If you like, you can refresh yourself in the outdoor pool with a view or just enjoy the view before a drink and the fine evening menu afterwards.

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