Philosophy & About us

We are the oldest equestrian travel specialist in Europe and Pegasus/Equitour temporarily employs up to 5000 horses all over the world. Our team consists of enthusiastic riders who would like to offer other riders a wonderful riding holiday. Some four-legged companions also belong to the team. We travel the programs ourselves to ensure a good quality. We pay special attention to the well-being of horses and riders. In addition, we are always on the lookout for special riding experiences, which you can then experience on the trips, such as our wilderness rides or particularly beautiful riding areas or cultural highlights.

Horses: Pegasus-Equitour provides you with horses that are easy to ride and forward, almost always the typical national breeds: Andalusians, Arabs, Berbers, Hispano-Arabs, Icelanders, Lusitanos, Quarter-Horse, Tenesse Walkers and many others. Since these horses are constantly on the move, they are characterized by their sure-footedness and nerve strength. For your training and further education, we always provide you with horses that can do more than you, so that you can improve your training during the journey.

Supervision: Each riding group is supervised by a tour guide. Your guide usually speaks several languages and is responsible for the smooth running of the tour. Based on his or her experience, the guide can usually allocate the desired and appropriate horse temperament after only a short discussion with the participants.

Riding in groups: Whether you arrive alone, as a couple or in a group, whether you are at home in Europe or overseas - the common love for horses and the fun of riding combine! Make new friends and enjoy the company of like-minded people.
We keep the group sizes of the riding tours at 10 persons on average: ideal number, so that it can go fast forward and it doesn't get boring among the riders. You will find the exact details of the individual programmes in the "Dates, Prices, Services".

Company history: In 1973 Equitour AG in Germany was founded almost simultaneously, but independently of each other, with Equitour AG in Switzerland by horse lovers. In 1986 the two companies merged and soon expanded into non-German-speaking countries. Cooperations with similar organizers in America, Scandinavia, Holland, France and then the foundation of own companies in America secure Equitour-Pegasus a worldwide leading position.

Equitour AG offers over 400 different riding programs in more than 30 countries worldwide.
European destinations dominate the market structure with 65%, followed by America (20%), Africa (10%) and Asia/Australia/New Zealand with 5%.

Customer structure: The largest customer group of Equitour AG are women with 68.6%, followed by men with 26.7% and children with a small share of 4.7%.

70% of our customers are also horse owners.
The riding experience ranges from beginners to competition riders to leisure riders with many years of experience in the saddle.
Since exclusive riding holidays, e.g. in Africa or America, are not quite cheap, customers often belong to the middle and upper income classes. However, almost everyone could afford a riding week from 300 €.

Customers can research and book the diverse range of adventure tours, luxury riding holidays and training programmes on the Internet. And of course you also get our catalogue for free! To browse, to dream ...

Our Team

Diethard Franz | Management

born 1950 in Leipzig, attended school including the European School in Brussels, studied mathematics, computer science & business administration.
Afterwards 8 years with TUI worldwide in 15 countries in administration, organisation and travel management.

1984 Change to Equitour AG as a consultant for Equitour, since 1987 manager. 1992 Takeover of the company and relocation of the company's headquarters from Hamburg to Switzerland. Lives in France.

Rides since 1975

Jessica Kiefer | Product Manager & Office Management

Born in Schopfheim - Degree: MA in English Studies/ North Germanic Philology, studies in Freiburg i. Brsg. as well as England and Sweden. Product manager at Pegasus/ Equitour since: Oct.2008.

Riding: At home ́s goes with the Araberle for hours through the Black Forest, on winter holidays she likes to ride on Arabs through the desert, on summer holidays she meets icelandic horses in the far north or on adventure expeditions in Asia.

Previous equestrian trips: Iceland, Sweden, Andalusia, Sicily, Sardinia, Tuscany, Alsace, French Jura, Morocco, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland (Valais).


Northern Africa
Middle East

Isabella Heider | Product Manager

Graduated: B.A. Tourism and Travel Management at the HS Worms with semester abroad in Argentinia, as well as M.Sc. Horse Sciences at the University of Göttingen and Trainer C Riding. Product Manager at Pegasus/Equitour since: Jan 2019.

Riding: The main thing is horse! No matter whether on the course, in the terrain, dressage or jumping, with or without saddle - with enough variety it never gets boring.

Previous riding trips: Germany, France, Scotland, Ireland, Crete, Tenerife, Argentinia.


Central & South America

Mira Kuhnhardt | Product Manager

Graduated: B.A. and M.A. Biology at the University of Hamburg with various ranch stays during the semester break in Southafrica, USA, Namibia and Spain.

Product Manager at Pegasus/Equitour since: May 2019

Riding: True to the motto higher, further, faster always goes. Dressage, jumping, eventing, horseball or simply leisurely rides in nature.

Previous riding trips: USA, Turkey, Spain, Namibia, Southafrica, Tunisia and Costa Rica.