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Packtrip around the St.-Ana-Lake in the Moho nature reserve (15 days)

This tour goes totally through the main ridge of Hargita Mountains touching the most noteworthy peaks: Osztoros (1374 m), Ferto" (1589 m), Madarasi (1801 m) Kakukk Hegy, Mitács and Nagypiliske. This is the tour which touches the most deeply Hargita’s several times mentioned ancient pine forests. During your journey you will set up camp on picturesque clearings and you will ride through wild lands.

Day 1:
Arrival to Gyergyószentmiklós in the afternoon, from here on wagonway we go out with an all terrain-vehicle to the horse ranch (15 km). Dinner, conversation about the tour and explanation of the regulations.

Day 2:
Breakfast, horse’s and saddlebags distribution, proper packing, pack-horse’s packing, paddock installation.
After leaving the ranch you arrive to the Olt source where you will water our horses. From here with a long steep rise through the Sóveto" snow-covered Mountain (Havasok) you arrive to Sipos Mountain. The biggest part of the journey will be done in the forest. You will take the midday break on the Peak of Sipos Mountain (1568m) where you will have sight towards the North Hargita. You will descend to the Lok ridge and on a long wild path you will arrive to the Fekete Rez’s puszta where you will set up night camp. Riding time around 4 hours.

Day 3: After leaving the huge puszta you descend to Marosfo", here you will ride through the Maros and you will find yourself in the mountain’s of Hargita. Your first peak is the Csik Magasa (1153m), from here you continue the journey towards the Osztoros (1384m) with a slight rise. You will take the daily break in a special place where on the right you can see the basin of Gyergyó and the Görgényi snow-covered mountains (Havasok), on the left the Csiki basin and in the background the Csiki snow-covered mountains. By Ölyves peak you will turn towards the main ridge of the Hargita from where through a wind-cut path you descend to the camp near a little lake. Until the dinner is bubbling in the stewing pot you can have a short walk in the swamp of the Ördög Lake. Riding time around 5 hours.

Day 4: This is your hardest and longest session of the journey since you will ride on the Hargita’s mountains highest peaks: the Ferto" teto" (1589m) and the Madarasi Hargita (1801).
You will take the midday break on the Ferto"’s wide pasture where you have beautiful sight towards the Hagymás Mountains imposant blocks, and in the distance you can see the cone’s of the Dancurás and the Likas. Descending to the Ferto" ridge you go along a carbonated-water source where you can fill up the canteens. From here you jump into the vast pine forest of Hargita where you can often see bear’s footprints and young pines with bear scratches.
The midnight camp will be settled near a mountain brooklet on the ridge between the Madarasi and the Rákosi Hargita. Riding time around 6,5 hours.

Day 5: Through the Rákosi Hargita (1756m) you arrive to Hargita bath (fürdo"), you take the midday break nearby a small pub. You descend to Tolvajos peak, and cross the main road and immediately after you gallop on Talabor puszta towards your night camp. Riding time around 5,5 hours.

Day 6: Leaving the Lucs’ muskeg you trot towards the szent Imrei Büdös fürdo"(stinky bath) from where comes again a vast pine forest, afterwards the caldera of the Kakukk mountain (1557m), from here the landscape is changing and the pines turn in beeches. The night camp is on the Mitács puszta nearby an esztena (pastoral quarters). Riding time around 5 hours.

Day 7: You continue the journey in beech forests until the Nagy Piliske (1374m). After leaving the peak you arrive to a beautiful belvedere where in the distance you can see the Csukás Mountain (1954m), Nagyko"havas, Keresztényhavas (1800m), Bucsecs (2505m), Királyko" and the Fogarasi snow-covered mountains (havasok) (2500m). From here you leave the main ridge, we cross the river Olt which here is already bellied out to a river. You go through the bükszádi basin and you arrive to the guesthouse. Riding time around 4 hours.

Day 8: Today you will take a short break and you will visit St. Ana Lake. The lake is formed in the crater of a former volcano called Ciomatu, which erupted last time thousands years ago. It was the last active volcano from Eastern Europe. Because it is catered almost exclusive with precipitations, the mineralization level is extremely low, the water’s purity being close to the distilled water. Because St. Ana Lake has a very reduced quantity of oxygen, it isn’t prohibited. Nowadays, the entire area is declared a natural reservation. In the twin crater, there is a swamp called Mohos, - of a divine beauty.

Day 9:
After formation of the marching column, you climb to Bolondos peak (1082 m), here you can already feel the nearness of the Büdös (smelly) Mountain; the air is full of sulphur which smells like bad egg. Riding next to it you touch the Buffogó swamp. Arriving to Géczi hilltop you can have beautiful view to the basin of Háromszék and in the distance the mountains: Nemere Mountain, Háromszék snow-covered mountains (Havasok), Csukás Mountains. Struggling through the steep, nook and cranny paths of the Közteto" (1087 m) you arrive to the sub-ridge of the Csiki snow-covered mountains (Havasok) and passing by the Cecele peak (1173 m) starts the Lenkert tableland where you will spice the journey with frequent gallop sequences. Beside the Nyerges peak’s monument you take a short break and a remembrance, and afterwards you will go again on flowery pastures to our camp of Pap Mountain (1165 m). You stay tonight in tent. Riding time around 5,5 hours.

Day 10: Starting from the camp the meadows and the pastures are varying each other, from the left the Csiki basin and behind the Hargita, on the right the Kászoni basin and overhead the Nemere. At Botsarka you join the main ridge and from here the dominating landscape is the pine forest. You stay tonight in tent. Riding time around 6 hours.

Day 11:
Leaving behind you the Tomotok brook-world you ride towards the side of the Szello" having a look to the beautiful view of the Szépviz reservoir. From here starts the world of the Gyimes alias the csángó-land. You edge along structured pastures and meadows, pasturing animals and hard-working csango people. And thorough the Pogányhavas (Pogány snow-covered Mountain) you arrive to Ko"nyak (Stone neck) to the nigh camp. Riding time around 5 hours.

Day 12: You lead the horses from Utasalj peak down to Tunel hilltop where you will see the csángó pastoral quarters (kaliba). This type of pastoral activity will follow you from Naskalat to Terko". From the bald Naskalat you can have a beautifull view to the Gyimes main valley, to Hidegség stream, to Gyimes Bükk, and behind to Tarhavas and Hegyeshavas. You stay tonight in tent. Riding time around 5 hours.

Day 13: Today you arrive to the rocks of Hagymás Mountain, which you had already admired from far during the journey. At arrival to Öcsém peak (1707 m) is opening to you the north horizon and you can delight in the Nagy Hagymás (1792 m) in the Fekete Hagymás (1777 m) and in the Csalhó’s imposing rock blocks. You lead down the horses on a steep rock block to the Egyes ko" (1584 m), here you will take a short break by an icy source. You go further and with a powerful gallop you conquer Fehérmezo"’s tableland which is laced of tarns. The horses’ impatience indicates the closeness of home. This is rightful since shortly you arrive to the horse ranch. Riding time around 5,5 hours.

Day 14:
Todays you ride for a last time through the idylic mountain of the Harghita mountains. Overnight on riding centre. Riding time around 4 hours.

Day 15:
Breakfast and departure.





...in brief

Horses, tack, riding level

Program: Pack trip
Dates: August
Lodgings: tent, riding centre, guesthouses
Catering: full board
Rooms: double room
Languages: english, german
Nonrider: -
Bring own Horse: -
Capacity min/max: 3/10

Your expert: Denise Neufeld

Horses:   Lippizan horses and Lippizan half breed. Hands High: 1,45-1,70m. Horses are living whole year outside, very balanced and sure-footed.

Saddle & tack:   english army saddles with saddle bags.

Riding level & experience:   You should be experienced in outriding and saddle fast in all gaits. The trail is accompanied by packhorses therefore calm pace, but also some trots and gallops. Daily riding time between 4-6,5 hours. Generall fitness is important, because the trail lasts 2 weeks.

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