International Rating and our classification of riding levels

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You never or rarly sat on a horseback


Newbie -
10-30 riding or trainig lessons

You had a few riding lessons and you have a guess of what you are doing. Mostly you have to ride a very cooperative horse to feel safe. You can manage walk, trot and a soft gallop.


Intermediate -
30-50 trainig lessons or one year of regular riding
You remain at all paces in saddle. Now you are ready for some easy riding tours.


Advanced -
3-5 years of regular riding experience with training lessons
You can manage even rough terrain on horsebacks and feel very safe with any well trained horse.


Professional -
starting at 5 years of regular riding exp. - more than 400h in saddle
You are totally fearless. Every gender or the breed of the horse does not matter. You will mostly remain in saddle in any situations.

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