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Land of the Bears


On Lipizzan horses through the Harghita mountains (8 days)

The biggest part of the tour is crossing the Nagy Hagymás National Park touching the most important attractions of it: the dolina’s of Fehérmezo", the vertical caves, precipices, cliff edges. During the tour you will visit the bear re-wilding centre and you can ride together with the semi-wild csango stud.

Day 1:
Arrival and transfer to the riding stable in the afternoon. Dinner and conversation about the tour. Overnight at the riding centre.

Day 2: Distribution of horses Afterwards you go to a short warming up tour to the Olt Source, to the Meggyes Edge and to the Magas Bükk (1415 km). Riding time around 4 hours.

Day 3:
You start towards the Meggyes peak. After a steep rise you arrive to the main ridge of the Gyergyó snow-covered Mountains, from here there you have a wonderful view to the Csalho, to the Kiscohárd, to the Gyilkos (Killer) stone and to the Kelemen snowy mountains.. From here you continue the tour towards Csofronka from where at a long gallop through the Tunzéria pusztalya (pasture) you arrive at your camp. Here you build up the camp and in the evening you visit one of the nearby esztena’s (pastoral quarters). Riding time around 5 hours.

Day 4:
Today from the camp you conquer the Nagy Hagymás. During the journey there will be several gallop possibilities but in some places you will have to get off the horse because of the difficult landscape. On the way you will admire the Egyeskö, the sinkholes and vertical caves (zsomboly). Arriving to the Nagy Hagymás, a giant mountain, peak you will have view to all directions: on the north the Kelemen snow-covered Mountains (Havasok), the Csalhó; on the west the Gosmán and the Tarko" Mountains; on the south the Nemere and Naskalat Mountains and on the west the long line of the Hargita. Riding time around 5 hours.

Day 5:
After camp dismount you will arrive to the Vörös ko" side, where we will go down to Jáhoros pusztája. From here through the valley labyrinth you will arrive back to the horse ranch. Riding time around 5 hours.

Day 6:
After leaving the ranch you arrive to the Olt source where you will water your horses. From here with a long steep rise through the Sóveto" snow-covered Mountain (Havasok) you arrive to Sipos Mountain. The biggest part of the journey will be done in the forest The midday break will be taken on the Peak of Sipos Mountain (1568m) where you will have a great view towards the North Hargita. Your way back leads in a wild path, where if you will be in silence you might see moor-flows, deer or even bear. Riding time around 5 hours.

Day 7:
Today through the Pongrác peak (1321 m) you lead your journey on the way of the „little railway” in the side of the Dancurás.Riding time around 6,5 hours.

Day 8: Transfer to Gyergyószentmiklós after breakfast and trip home.(Subject to change)





...in brief

Horses, tack, riding level

Program: pack trip
Dates: june - august
Lodgings: tent, farm, alpine huts, guesthouses
Catering: full board
Rooms: double room
Languages: english, german
Nonrider: -
Bring own Horse: -
Capacity min/max: 3/10

Your expert: Denise Neufeld

Horses:   Lippizan horses and Lippizan half breed. Hands High: 1,45-1,70m. Horses are living whole year outside, very balanced and sure-footed.

Saddle & tack:   english army saddles with saddle bags.

Riding level & experience:   You should be experienced in outriding and saddle fast in all gaits. The trail is accompanied by packhorses therefore calm pace, but also some trots and gallops. Daily riding time between 4-6,5 hours.

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