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Equitour will allocate you some easy to ride horses. Normally the horses are characteristic for their country like: andalusian horse, arab, berber, angelo-arab , icelandic horse, lusitano, quarter-orse, tenesse walker and much more. They are well trained and strong-nerved tour horses.


Every group will be accompanied by a tour leader. Often the tour leader are speaking many languages and they are responsible for a smoothly trip. He will also manage the handout of the horses.

The tours and advenerous rides are not suitable for beginners or starters. You have to be saddle fast and comfy in every terrain. Minimum requirements are 50h on horseback and a part of that in open terrain. You schould be able to manage a well-behaved horse. You should not be afraid to ride new horses.

On the equestrian center and training programs you will have a grading if neccesary. The most programs fit for beginners. If you want to join the rides you must have 1 boot qualification.

Riding in groups

Travel and especially riding in groups is always fun. the love to horses connects all cultures and ages. Make new friends and enjoy socialazing. A team of 10 persons is optimal for every trail - Especially on fast-paced trails.

People and country

You will discover hidden countrysides far away from the mass tourism. The trips go to protected nature reservats and you will have a special permit passing it. There you wille experience totallly unspoiled nature. The mentality of our partners is as colorful as their culture. We try our best to offer you a perfect holiday feeling and experience, but we cant change mindsets. If you can accept the countrys foreign behaves and their way of animal husbandry you will have an unforgettable and adventerous trip.

Lodging, eat & drink

We want you to experience your vacationland pure and tight. You will not stay overnights in typical mass tourism hotels but rather in cozy cottages or farmhouses far away from mainstream tourism. It will be a unique and unforgettable experience. Our most programs can only be reached by car or little airplane so you will have a transfer from the next big airport or trainstation to your holiday domicil. The most programs have double bed rooms and are full board. The meals are always traditional food of the region. You can decide between many activities in your free time at our equestrian center programs.

Control of programs, travel defects, tour guide

We are always doing our best to have our programs on our since 40 years established Equitour-Standard, but somtimes there are some deficiences. We recommend you to report serious shortcomings your tour guide first. So he or she can change things up and you will have a wonderful remaining holidaytrip. Should, however, your voice not be heard please feel free to call us. We will try our best to make you smile again. Things like changing the route or the lodging places are forced by the tour guides - such changes are always to your own best and usually takes place when something really special happens like very bad weather conditions or avalances. Be assured, that these changes are necessary to keep you save. You can also report us the nice things on your trip - we always appreciate to read our costumers opinions.

Inklusiv prices and forex

Our prices are inclusive! You will find a pricing list with and without arrival. For our overseas programs we did not calculate an flight, because we are offering a special offer for the flight to every costumer. You just need to bring a little spending money for drinks or shopping tours in the local currency on your own.


Not just the horses, who prefer thier rewards sweet little and in natural form, but also the trip advisors like to get a little attention for their efforts. A usual tip ist 10% of the travel price. The tip goes directly to the guide.

Vaccine protection, Visa regulations

Every rider should be having a vaccination against tetanus. You will find further informations about vaccine protection and visa regulations of every program here

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