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Nikkaluokta Trail

Winterspirit in Latvia


Reittouren in Schweden und Finnland

Telemark-Ritt Lappland-Trail Bärentrail 5 Seen Trolle

Riding vacation in Scandinavia will be one of your best choices you will make. If you are longing for individual supervision. The group size is usually very small with up to 6-8 persons. You will get close to the people and your hosts who live on traditional, little farms. Outdoorfans and friends of nature will get one's moneys worth at the solitude of the north.

Danmark enchants with its beautiful beaches and coasts. Nordjütland amazes with primal moor. You will ride on icelandic horses and enjoy wellness and delecious meals.

Sweden: There are a thousands lakes and more in Sweden. Most of them are located in the central area of Sweden. The surface is generally covered with deep forests where you will find big european animals like bears, elks or lynx. The northern lands are mountainous and go beyond the arctic circle.

Finland: Land of the 80.000 islands and 188.000 lakes. Pine- and Birchwoods characterize the countryside. The northern finland is home to the laplander folk.

Airport Finland: Kittilä
Airport Sweden: Kiruna
Airport Danmark: Aalborg

Climate & Weather: Best time to visit scandinavia is June to September. The temperature is moderate to low but with low humidity.
Lodging: Stationary in Guesthouses


Scandinavia: Tours- and Stationary


RIDING TOUR Nikkaluokta Trail - Icelandic horses in Lapland
Lonesome valleys and mountains
Endless summernights (7 days) RET 007
  • Icelandic horses
  • Loding in traditonal samicamp for one night
  • Cooking at the fireplace

    detailed Informations

    EQUESTRIAN CENTER Aurora borealis riding tour
    Riding on icelandic horses in Lapland
    Homen to reindeer and elk (4 or 7 days) RET WIN
    • Watch the magnificant Polar lights
    • Visit the icehotel!
    • Reindeers!
    • Husky-sledges
    • Cozy camps of the Sami
    • Horse treckking

      detailed Informations

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