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On the track of nomads and lonely hunters


Altai-massif (15 days)


Steppe Expedition (11 days)

Gobi desert and steppe ride (12 days)

Hovsgol lake (16 days)


Altai Deen & Berge Gorkhi Terelj Gobi Wüstenritt Herz der Mongolei Dschingis Khan


Four thousand kilometers to moskau in the Altai-Mountains lies the pure russian soul. The region is very traditional and offers a fascinating nature. You will ride through oceans of gras and dive deep into unspoiled nature.

Arrival: Monday, airport in Barnaul (with Transfer)
Weather & Climate: mild climate June to September
Eat & Drink: russian meals
Lodging: hotels, hostels and camps

Everyone who dreams of endless steppe and wild horses will find his dream come true in mongolia. You will get a closer view on the traditional way of life of the mongolian folks. You will wath some wildlife in their natural habitat while you are riding cross the mongolian steppe.

The mongolian nomads are famous for their deep understanding of horses and their riding abilitys are legendary. You will ride through siberian mountain forests and the taiga of the Gorkhi-Terelj national park. You will never see any roads or fenes in this tree-less region.

Arival: airport Ulan Bataar
Weather & Climate: alpin, rough and cold
Eat & Drink: typical mongolian, but also european and vegetarian food
Lodging: Camps and gers

Kirgisistan is sourrounded by kasachstan, china, tadschikistan and usbekistan. Kirgisitan is very mountanious and a part of the silk road goes through Kirgisistan. It in yet unknown to the mass tourism and so you can experience pure central asia in an adverterous style.

Arrival: airport Bischkek
Weather & Climate: kontinental climate, dry and hot in summer, cold during winter. The most moderate climate you will have in july and august.
Eat & Drink: Traditional cuisines with tasty meals fitting the european taste
Lodging: Camps. gers, hotels and in family houses






Russia - Tours


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RIDING TOUR Russia: Altai-Mountains
Riding with a spectakular view onto mountain scapes and unspoiled nature
Expedition ride (15 days) ALT 015

  • untouched siberian nature
  • support horses
  • hotels, lodges, camps
  • also for beginners
  • 2-3 days rafting possibilities
  • german and english

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Mongolia - Tours

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RIDING TOUR Steppes of the expedition mongolia
Riding tour in the Gorkhi Terelj National park
Steppes - mountains- loneliness (11 days) MHT 012

  • visit the Ghandan monastary
  • varied landscapes: treeless steppe, hills and mountains
  • Gorkhi Terelj nature park,famous for its flower richness
  • English speaking guide
  • Nadaam-festival (ask for additional extending)

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RIDING TOUR Gobi steppe- and desert riding tour
Big steppe, nomads, big dunes - experience the contast (12 days) MGS 012

  • lonesome, big plains and big sandy dunes
  • get closer to the traditional mongolian way of life
  • English speaking guides
  • Nadaam-festival (ask for additional extending)

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RIDING TOUR Hovsgol Lake and Tsaatan nomads
Fascinating animals and rich vegetation at 2.500 m
Monumental lakes, highlands, taiga and forests (16 or 17 days) AV-WMNRI03

  • adventerous
  • travel with nomads
  • solitude
  • visit the Gandan monastary
  • bears, wolves, elks and eagles
  • visit nomad camps
  • english speaking guides
  • 2 dates with visit of the Nadaam festsival in Ulan Bataar

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