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Land of the Thracians



Ancient monuments, numerous sightseeings and an endless wide to ride in the heart of Bulgaria (8 days)

This mountain trail ride will take you through the Sredna Gora Mountains - the land of the Thracians, with its mineral sources, and plentiful roses and lavender. The goal of this carefully designed riding holiday is to relax and rejuvenate the body and senses, soul and mind. Offering a special combination of exploratory horseback riding with revitalizing spa treatments and refreshing massages this trip will heal and fulfill you on the path to discovery. Throughout you will enjoy delicious meals prepared from wholesome local produce and sample some of the famous Bulgarian wines. Gallop through the endless, lush meadows and ride through secluded oak and beech forests. And amongst the pristine nature of Sredna Gora Mountains you will discover the many wonderful and special archaeological, historical, and architectural landmarks hidden in these quiet mountains.

Day 1: Pick up from Sofia Airport and transfer to the town of Hissar, located 180 km South-east from the capital. You will be accommodated in the SPA hotel with swimming pool, sauna, massage centre and fitness. Meeting the horses and adjusting the saddles & equipment. Welcome dinner and night at the hotel.

Day 2:
Breakfast in the hotel. Panoramic tour of the town of Hissar. You will be escorted to visit the remains of fortress wall of ancient roman town Dioclecianopolis, the third largest town in the ancient province of Thrace, after Philipopolis /Plovdiv/ and Beroe /Stara Zagora/. The wall is one of the best preserved of its kind not only in Bulgaria, but also on the entire Balkan Peninsula! Saddling the horses and preparing for start. Ride among beautiful nature around the village of Starosel. Picnic next to the Starosel village. In the afternoon you will ride to the village of Belovitsa, situated on the southern slopes of Sredna Gora Mountain next to the big dam. Accommodation and dinner in a family hotel. Riding time aournd 3,5 hours (21 km).

Day 3: Breakfast at the hotel. Start from Belovitsa village and ride through hills and oak forests to the village Starosel, which made a sensation in the year 2000 when the archaeological expedition lead by Dr. George Kitov found for the world "the largest preserved Thracian king complex with a temple-mausoleum in Southeast Europe". Your guide will escort you to visit the recently found Thracian cult complex, still in excavations. Learn about the mysterious Thracians and their amazing cultural heritage and historic significance. Picnic on the beautiful meadow next to the temple. In the afternoon you will ride to Belo Kamene hotel with a large swimming pool and whirlpool. You will be accommodated in the hotel with cosy rooms in the middle of the forest. Dinner with local meals and wine. Riding time aournd 3 hours (19 km).

Day 4: Breakfast in the hut. You will ride trough the forest via foot of Bogdan peak (1603m.) to the wilderness of Sredna Gora mountain.Picnic at the beautiful meadow next to the mountain river. In the afternoon riding continues to the Koprivshtitsa town of Bulgarian Revival, which is a unique architectural reservation. Dinner in the restaurant in the town of Koprivshtitsa. Riding time aournd 6,5 hours (30 km).

Day 5: Breakfast at the house. You will be taken on a guided tour of the old town of Koprivshtitsa. You will visit some of the most interesting Museums in the town. Lunch at a restaurant in the town. After a refreshing break in the afternoon, prepare for two-hour ride in the neighborhood of Koprivshtitsa. Enjoy some free time for shopping and exploring the charming galleries, craftsman shops and coffee retreats. Dinner and night in the town of Koprivshtitsa. Riding time aournd 1 hour (7 km).

Day 6: Breakfast at the house. You will ride trough the untouched forest to the spa resort Strelcha. Picnic next to the beautiful pick “Wolf”-1240m, with an amazing view to the plane and the fore mountains. Overnight the SPA hotel with swimming pool with warm water and massage center. Before dinner you could try the aquatic relaxation procedures or massages and swim in the mineral water pool. Dinner in the local pub in national style. Riding time aournd 6 hours (28 km).

Day 7: Breakfast in the hotel. You will ride trough the rose fields and nice vineyards, oak forests and fields. Picnic at the middle. You will be accommodated in a beautiful vinery complex in Starosel, Copy of the Starosel Thracian Temple is made in the cellar of the complex. When you stand in its center your voice sounds like coming from the Cosmos, but only you hear it. This is a part of the Thracian mysteries. In the evening enjoy a Farewell dinner. RRiding time aournd 4-5 hours (25 km).

Day 8: After breakfast you could say good-bye to your horse. Visit to the ancient town of Plovdiv and start to Sofia. Depart for the Sofia Airport in time for your flight. (Subject to changes)




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Horses, tack, riding level

Program: riding tour
Dates: spring & autumn
Lodgings: hotels
Catering: full board
Rooms: double/ single room
Languages: english
Nonrider: -
Bring own Horse: -
Capacity min/max: 4/8

Your expert: Denise Neufeld

Horses:   Shagya Arabs, East-Bulgarian breed, Anglo-Arabs and other warm blood horses - all well broken and calm. The height of the horses is from 150 to 165 cm.

Saddle & tack:   Trekking-, Endurancesaddles with saddlebags.

Riding level & experience:   Experienced in outriding and in all gaits. Riders have to clean and saddle their horses. Riding time around 4-6 hours.

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