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Dayrides in the Ardennes



Riding in Belgium
The ardennes in belgium are one of the most beautiful regions for riding vacations. An endless riding path network leads you arcross green valleys and unrefined forests. The western Ranch offers daily rides into the Ardennes to experienced riders.

Riding in the Netherlands
Overijsel is a flat and wide ranged countryside, that provides good rding conditions for fast-paced rides. With ist sandy paths through green meadows rides will be a lot of fun. The riding stable offers rides and training lessons for beginners and professionals as well. You can also stay here with the family or bring your own horse.

Recommended by car

Mild temperatures throgh the year. The ardennes are mostly snowcovered in winter.

Eat & Drink:
Belgium is known for its warm Belgian Waffels

Basic and clean rooms at the stable and vacation bungalows.






Tours and Ranches


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RANCH High Ardennes
Dayrides in Tagesritte in a rich landscape
Fast-paced rides

  • Long distant rides for experienced riders
  • Varied countrysides in the low mountain landscape
  • Loding on a traditional farm
  • You can bring your own horse

detailed informations

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