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Chile Travel information | Program survey

Deserts, alpine mountains, volcanos and 6.500 km of coastline

North and Central Chile

Atacama Desert Ride (8-12 days)

Norte Chico Adventure (4 or 8 days)

Andes Crossing "Independence Ride" (9 days)

Lakes region / Northern Patagonia

Andes Crossing Lakes region (10 days)

Cochamo Gaucho Trail (10 days)

Pioneer Trail (7 days)

Southern Patagonia

Torres del Paine Estancia Ride (11 days)

Torres del Paine Glacier Ride (11 days)

Torres del Paine Horse Drive (10 days)

Horseback riding vacations in Chile

Imagine a long, thin slice of California with a patch of the Sahara desert glued onto the north. Let some of New Zealand’s fjords wash against the south. Press all of this stunning beauty against the spine of tall rugged mountains. This is Chile, home to some of the world’s most varied and dramatic landscapes! Equitour has brought together some of Chile’s most awe-inspiring horse riding holidays – including horseback vacations in Easter Island, horseback tours in the Lake District, pack trips in Northern Chile and the Torres del Paine National Park.

Parts of Chile, especially the Torres del Paine National Park, truly feel like you have reached the end of the Earth. Yet Chile is one of the most modern and convenient travel destinations in South America. In many places, it even has a European feel — along with European prices.

Chile is 2,705 miles/4,329 km long, but interestingly averages only 100 miles/160 km in width. Desert dominates the north while tundra governs the south. The center of the country contains many fertile valleys and lovely scenery. The nation’s coastline is indented by many bays and fjords, while the eastern regions terminate in the Andes.

From Chile's north to Southern Patagonia you will find perfect horseback riding country. Unhindered by fences, roads or urban development, riders can canter for miles and miles across open deserts or pampas surrounded by the immense beauty of this breathtaking landscape. Our wonderful horseback vacations can easily be combined with wine tours or beach vacations in the region.

Equitour offers a number of Chilean horseback riding vacations, including the Chile to Argentina Ride, the Cochamo Groucho Trail, Pioneer Trail, Mallin Chileno Ride, and Patagona Ecolodge Ride in the Lake Disctrict. In Northern Chile there’s the San Pedro Atacama Expedition in the unforgettable Atacama Desert, and the Norte Chico Adventure and Northern Chilean Getaways on the Inca trails of the Andes. In Torres del Paine National Park a number horse riding holidays are offered, including the Estancias Ride, Estancias and Endurance Ride, Glacier Ride, Blue Ice multi-sport trip, a Horse Drive or a combined riding and fishing holiday (Criollos, Rivers and Lakes).

Chilean Horses
Horses in Chile are generally Criollos and Criollo crosses. Descendants of the Spanish, Barb and Arab, the Criollo is a sturdy, sure-footed and willing ride. Generally fairly small by North American standards at between 14.2 and 15.0 hands, they are very strong nonetheless.

After riding from South America to Washington in the 1930s, A F Tschiffely wrote: “I have been able to prove that the Criollo horse is worthy of the reputation he has always held among the few that really know him, namely that of being second to none for continuous hard work under any conditions.”

Chile Weather and Climate
In Chile you can expect winter temperatures between 10 - 15 degrees Celsius. Summers are around 25 degrees Celsius, but can reach 30 degrees Celsius.

Torres del Paine Rides Mallin Ecolodge Andes Crossing Lakes region Andes Crossing Pioneer and Gaucho Trail Norte Chico Adventure Ride Atacama Desert Ride

Horseback riding in Chile - Overview of tours

RIDING TOUR Atacama Desert Ride
the clearest sky above the driest desert of the world

San Pedro - Atacama (8-12 days) IT-CHRT19a

  • salt lakes between endless sand dunes
  • white beach and black volcanic grounds, extreme contrasts
  • astonishing flora to discover: as ectreme as the landscape
  • fitting names: moon valley, valley of death...
  • 4 overnights at a hotel, 2 in camp (optional 6 nights in hotel)

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RIDING TOUR Norte Chico - Adventure Ride
On the traces of the Inkas and gold diggers through the Andes
Tent and hacienda (8 days) IT-CHRT14

  • 300 days of sun per year
  • comfortable accommodation at a hacienda as well as in camp
  • between the outskirts of the Andes and the Pacific Ocean
  • completely changing scenery during the ride
  • high plateaus, fertile valleys, green pastures
  • 4 overnights at a hacienda, 3 in a comfortable camp
  • also available as 4-day program

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RIDING TOUR "Independence Ride" through the Andes
On the historic route of San Martín from Chile to Argentina

Mountain trail of the superlatives (9 days) IT-CHRT05

  • spectacular scenery and gigantic mountains
  • original historic route of the independence fighter San Martín
  • far from civilization in remote mountain regions
  • riding in the shade of the Aconcaguas (6.962m)
  • discover 2 countries on horseback: From Santiago / CHL to Mendoza / ARG
  • with visit of a winery in Argentina

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RIDING TOUR Cochamo Gaucho Trail
Riding, Rafting, nature experience in the Andes
Small lakes invite for swimming (10 days) IT-CHRT01

  • Rafting on the river Petrohué in the national park Vicente Perez Rosales
  • leisure day at a lake
  • a highlight: Loading the horses on a wooden ferry and crossing the lake Tagua-Tagua
  • intensive nature experience
  • alternative 7-day trail: Pioneer Trail

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RIDING TOUR Crossing of the Andes
In the lakes region from Chile to Argentina
Volcanos, rivers, forests, lakes (10 days) IT-CHRT04

  • from the "Chilean Switzerland" over the border to Argentina
  • spectacular scenery: Volcanos, snow covered mountain peaks, deep-blue lakes, araukaria forests, primeval forests etc.
  • 6-8 riding hours per day
  • camping and cabin overnights
  • departure from Argentina or return transfer to Chile

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RIDING TOUR Torres del Paine - Estancia Ride
Ride between cattle farms, wilderness huts and icebergs (11 days) IT-CHRT20

  • Ride in the national park
  • the wildest end of the earth
  • good accommodations, hotels, farms, huts (no camping)
  • equipment transported in saddle bags, the park is hardly accessible by support vehicle
  • visiting the southern most cattle farms of the world
  • on horseback next to floating glacier ice

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RIDING TOUR Torres del Paine - Glacier Ride
As ride above but with camping
Through the national park, ride to the Laguna Verde (11 days) IT-CHRT30

  • Ride through Unesco world heritage
  • on reliable horses through marvellous secenery
  • riding distances between 20 and 30 km (18 mi) per day
  • beautifully situated camps and good meals
  • getting to know land and people

    detailed information

RIDING TOUR Torres del Paine - Horse Drive
With a herd of horses through the national park
Accommodation in lodges, hotels, mountain huts (10 days) IT-CHHD01

  • only 1 date! When the Chilean summer ends (March/April)
  • Icy lakes, high peaks and a penguin colony
  • long days in the saddle end at a bonfire

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