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Mountains, canyons and smooth beaches



Ungarn Comfort


Transsilvania-Comfort Trail (7 days )

On the track of the bears (8 days)

Karpaten-Adventerous Trail (15 days)


Balkan-Ride (8 days)

Orpheus Trail (8 days)Abenteuerurlaub Iskar Ranch Rila

Bulgaria Mountain Tail (8 days)

On the track of the Thraker (8 days)


Istrien Gourmet-Rides (8 days)

Plitvice Trail (8 days)

Abenteuertrail Dalmatien (8 days)


Kupres Plateau Ride (8 days)

Ride & Ski (8 days)


Abenteuerurlaub Plitvice Dalmatien



For those who like fast rides the Puszta rides at the Kiskunság Nationalparc are quite right - welcoming atmosphere at the stable with fast trips on horseback and the possibility to do Cross-Country. At the very south of the country there is the Comfort-Program with accomodation at a restored farm and star rides.


Diverse landscape, unique nature - and culture and the friendly people are reasons for spending a vacation there. Croatia is recommended for a vacation full of adventure. It is well known for its treasure at a lake and as a setting for the movies from Karl May at the Plitvice lakes. The peninsula of Istria in the northern part can be expplored at a trail or at a star ride, accompanied with delicious meals and great accomodations.


Romania attracts people with its nature and its culture and tradition at the region of Transilvania. On horseback you will be able to discover the traces from old emperors and conquerors but also figures like count Drakula! A real adventure holiday! We offer an eventful riding tour with great comfortable accomodations in Transilvania. Enjoy the diverse cuisine and the regional specialities.


You will see spectacular landscape with many nature miracles like waterfalls and stalactite caves and a unique culture influenced by continental, mediteranean and muslim aspects. Many regions in the mountainous areas are difficult to access - except on horseback! On our riding trips you can experience the diversity of the country.


The country on the westside of the Balkan peninsula has many things to offer. On the one hand it is a melting pot out of christian, muslim and orthodox cultures on the other hand it has many regions with mountains throughout the country. Wide green plains, soft hills and mountains and idyllic streams are representative for the landscape. For wintertime it is possible to combine "riding & skiing".






Kroatien - Übersicht Touren


RIDING TOUR Plitvice Trail
Discover the country of the falling lakes
Auf der Suche nach dem Schatz im Silbersee (8 days) PLI 008

  • Fast rides
  • Great possibilities to gallop
  • Comfortable feeling during the trail.
  • Visit of the famous Plitvice lakes
  • Typical cuisine with regional specialities
  • Trail with adventure

Detailed Information


RIDING TOUR Adventuretrail Dalmatia
Galopp through the "Prairie" tracing Winnetou
Fast galoppades, wide landscape and swimming with the horses at the river (8 Tage) DAL 008

  • Many possibilities with or without horse
  • Fast rides
  • Landscape with valleys and rivers
  • Comfortable feeling during the trail
  • Typical cuisine with regional specialities
  • Trail with adventure

Detailed Information


equestrian center Comfort-Trails
Star rides in Istria
Original outback, mediaval cities, antique churches, Adriatic coast (8 days) ISTSTA

  • Riding days full of diversity with star rides - every day another area!
  • Original, untouched landscapes (forests, fjords, hills, vineyards, wide fields...)
  • A culutre full of history: old mediaval places with antique buildings and caves
  • Schwimming at the Adria (with or without horse)
  • Fresh, typical cuisine
  • Stay at a renovated farm, 1 night out of town
  • Trip to the coastal town Rovinj
  • Small group (max. 8 People)

detailed Information

Bosnien-Herzegowina - Stationär-Angebote


equestrian center Kupres Plateau Rides
Star rides through plateau with panorama view
Comfortable accomodation, Fun while riding in winter and summertime (8 days) BOSSTA

  • Great riding area at the Kupres-Plateau: wide, green meadows, pinewoods
  • Daily riding time 4-6 hours
  • Fast rides
  • In winter riding & skiing - in the morning riding, in the afternoon skiing
  • Easy access by plane to Split or Sarajevo

Detailed Information


equestrian center Riding & Skiing
Kupres-Plateau - A fairytale in wintertime
Einmalige Sport-Kombi, rustikal-gemütliche Unterkunft, (8 days) BOSSTA

  • In winter riding & skiing - in the morning riding, in the afternoon skiing
  • Ski area is located close to the stables
  • Skiing equipment is provided for free, transfer to the ski area is included as well
  • Galloping through the snow, skijöring with horses
  • bookable from December - March
  • Easy access by plane to Split or Sarajevo

Detailed Information


Ungarn - Übersicht Touren- und Stationär-Angebote


HORSE RANCH Kiskunság-Puszta
Fast rides through the Puszta
Ride out and Cross-Country (8 days)

  • Good for advanced beginners but also for experts
  • Cross-Country-Kurs with fixed obstacles
  • Riding near one of the oldest and biggest nationalparcs in Hungary
  • Located 1/2 h in the south of Budapest


detailed Information


HORSE RANCH Hungary with comfort
Galloping through the hungarian lowlands
Traditional, comfortable accomodation (5 or 7 days) OCP007

  • Farm with wine cellar and garden
  • Sauna & wellness-treatment
  • Local cuisine with fresh products
  • Many optional activities, also for non-riders

    Detailed Information

Rumänien - Touren-Angebote


RIDING TOUR Transylvanian Culture- and Naturetrail
Die Karpaten entdecken - imposante Gipfel, deep forests, wilderness and hospitality

Unique Nature- and Culutreexperience in Transsylvania with high comfort (7 days) DRA 007

  • Untouched nature, culture, and tradition, histories and legends, wilderness and adventure
  • Guide with great experience
  • Adventureholiday with comfort: wild-romantic and comfortable accomodations

detailed Information


RIDING TOUR Following the traces of the bears
With Lipizzaner horses through the Harghita-mountains

Adventurous trail trough isolated, untouched mountain scenery (8 days) BAE008

  • Untouched landscape in Siebenbürgen at the Harghita-mountains, where bears live
  • 2 nights at a tent, 5 in alpine huts, guest houses and at farms.
  • Riding tour with packhorses, but all paces

Detailed Information


RIDING TOUR Carpathians-Adventure-trail
15-day -packtrip around the Sankt-Ana-lake

Adventure riding tour to isolated mountain scenery (15 days) KAR015

  • Untouched landscape in Siebenbürgen at the Harghita-mountains, where bears live
  • several nights at tents, in alpine huts but also at guest houses and at farms.
  • Riding tour with packhorses, but all paces

Detailed Information

Bulgarien - Touren-Angebote


RIDING TOUR Bulgaria Mountaintrail
Through three mountain ranges in the south of Bulgaria
Mountain ranges, caves and special accomodations (8 days) BLG008

  • Riding tour from Trigrad to Melnik through the Rhodpopes, Slawjanka-mountains and the Piri-mountains
  • Special accomodations (boutiquehotels, cloister, Hotels)
  • Possibility to visit the Rila-Kloster

Detailed Information


RIDING TOUR The country of the Orpheus
Lakes, caves and history of the Rhodopes
diverse, authentical riding tour (8 days) ORP008

  • On horseback through the western part of the Rhodopes with focus on culture and nature
  • Special accomodations (huntinglodge, mountainlodge, hotels)
  • Visiting stalactite caves, canyons, cloisters, boattrips etc.

Detailed Information


RIDING TOUR Balkan-Trail
Waterfalls, caves and medieval towns of the Balkan mountains
Diverse, authentical riding tour (8 days) WAS008

  • Through the northern part of the Balkan mountains
  • You ride through medieval towns, by castles, cloisters and caves
  • Comfortable accomodations, some have a pool & sauna

Detailed Information


RIDING TOUR in the footsteps of the Thracians
Antiquity, sightseeing, wellness
Riding tour with culture- and wellness-program (8 days) SRD008

  • Through the mountain range Sredna Gora in the centre of Bulgaria
  • Comfortable hotels with pool, sauna or wellnessarea
  • Sightseeing

Detailed Information

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