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Horse riding trips in wilderness settings

Wilderness horseback rides are for people who always wanted to ride horses and see the most beautiful sites like Yellowstone, Banff, Tsylos, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains or the Snow Mountains in Australia – without the crowds!

The wranglers on our selected wilderness horse riding adventures will take you into some of the most breathtaking back country, away from the tourist hordes. On a wilderness ride you will share in local knowledge, on a riding experience of a lifetime. Overnights are usually in tents, with equipment transported by a support vehicle. On wilderness horseback riding holidays you have the opportunity for some faster paced horseback riding, compared to Pack Trips, which are generally slower.




Wilderness rides - overview of tours


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Arizona - Geronimo Trail
On the way to the Grand Canyon
Fascinating canyons and impressive mountain ranges (10 day) RTAZGC

  • ride across the land of the Apaches
  • fast-paced riding and climbing with the horses
  • breathtaking views
  • bonfire romance in camp
  • American history

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Arizona - Apache Trail
visit the ghost town Tombstone
Rirding tour through a stunning landscape (12 days) RTAZ15

  • riding on mountain trails wowards Kitt Peak
  • Saguaro National Park
  • rich wildlife, with a little luck you can spot coyote, deer and others
  • riding anlong the Mexican border

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Arizona - Arizona Trail
From Mexico to the Sonora desert in Arizona
for good riders (8 days) RTAZ15-CC

  • riding through a hilly landscape on the original Arizona trail
  • ghost town Greaterville and Gardner Canyon

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Arizona - Superstitions Ride
Arizona´s Superstitions Wilderness
Canyons, deserts and ghost towns (8 days) RTAZ15-CC-2

  • new tour of our long-time partner for the Arizona tours
  • great horses, fast-paced riding
  • canyons, wilderness, huge cacti and ghost towns

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Utah: Rides on the Colorado Plateau and in the Capitol Reef Park
For horse lovers and wilderness enthusiasts
In the "country of the sleeping rainbow" (6 days) RTUT02 - 05

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California - High Sierras - Wild Mustangs
Observing wild mustangs
Along the border between California and Nevada (4 days) RTCA01

  • trail rides from a base camp
  • follow the wild mustangs on their way through the mountains
  • ghost towns, desert and hot springs

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