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Dense rainforests, white sandy beaches and tropic fauna


Gaucho Pampas Trail (8 days)

Pantanal Wilderness Trail & Safari (8 days) not available in 2014 due to renovation

Pantaneiro Ride (7 days)

Southern Cross Fazenda Ride (10 days)

Coffee Fazendas Ride (7 days)

Bahia Beach Trail (7 days)

Salgado Mountain Ranch Southern Cross Fazenda Mountain Ride

Horseback riding vacations in Brazil

Brazil is South America’s giant, covering a large landmass and encompassing many diverse regions. Brazil is a seductive country, with dazzling beaches, tropical islands, deep canyons, waterfalls, picturesque towns - and amazing horse riding holidays! The landscapes are as diverse as the people who inhabit it! Equitour has six excellent horseback vacations available in Brazil – each with its own unique appeal. Both horseback trips offer superb wildlife spotting opportunities, in ecological wonder lands, making them excellent horseback tours.

Pantanal: This Equitour horse riding holidays will show you the flood plains of the Pantanal, on our Pantanal Wildlife Safari. This horse ride encompasses the 50,000 acre Pantanal – the world’s biggest ecological sanctuary and largest wetland in the Paraguay River Basin! This is a once in a lifetime horseback trip to view some of Brazil’s famed wildlife up close.

Santa Catarina - Southern Brazil: Join the legendary Brazilian Gaucho's on a trip across wide open undulating grasslands with rivers, lakes, forests and remote fazendas (ranches).
Ride under the Southern Cross along canyons and across the plateau. You will spend 8 days immersed in the most appealing horse culture. The South American Cowboy culture is one of the liveliest in the world.

Rio de Janeiro / Sao Paulo: On the Darwin's Rainforest Trail you can horseback ride on mysterious, narrow tracks through the beautiful Atlantic rainforest, so rich in reptiles, amphibians, butterflies galore and exquisite orchids.
Near Sao Paulo - the Plantationa Ride offers riding in the highlands that takes you through the coffee-growing region of the northeast of the State of Sao Paulo, visiting some of the great historic plantation homes, and passing through the surprisingly well-preserved natural wealth of the region.

Bahia: It is time to hit the beaches of Brazil with the Bahia Beach Ride! On this horseback vacation, stay away from the tourist beaches - this is where the locals go to languish in the sunshine! With golden sands and emerald seas, Trancoso is a village of incredible natural beauty!

When traveling through Brazil, you see horses everywhere. According to the Brazilian Geography and Statistics Institute – IBGE, there are nearly 6 million horses in the country, which means Brazil has the fourth largest herd in the world. Many of these horses are of mixed origin and often used in cattle-ranching.
But Brazilians also breed and enjoy riding quality horses in disciplines that range from classical dressage to trails ride.There are over 340.000 Quarter Horses, more than 35.000 Arabs, around 27.000 Appaloosas and 13.000 Lusitanos.
Apart from those international breeds Brazil also values its national breeds: the Mangalarga Marchador with over 350.000 horses, the Criollos with over 260.000 horses(the same breed you find in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay) and others like the Campolina with around 45.000 horses and the Brazilian Sports Horse with almost 10.000 horses. The Brazilians Mangalarga are doing very well in some countries of Europe (with over 900 registered horses) and in the USA.

Join us on a spectacular horseback riding adventure in Brazil - either in the wetlands of Pantanal, the beaches of Bahia or mountains rages of Southern Brazil.






Horseback riding vacations in Brazil - Overview of tours


RIDING TOUR Gaucho Pampas Trail
Freedom, adventure and nature
Like the gauchos through southern Brazil (8 days)

  • riding through unlimited terrain
  • Southern Brazil: Wide pastures, gently rolling hills, old Fazendas, authentic Gaucho life
  • overnights at traditional Fazendas and farms
  • you ride Criollos & Curly Horses
  • optional cattle work

detailed information

RIDING TOUR Pantaneiro Ride
From Fazenda to Fazenda in the Pantanal
With cattle work (7 days)

  • accommodation at 2 different traditional Fazendas
  • with cattle work
  • boat tour and jeep safari included
  • species-rich flora and fauna

detailed information

RIDING TOUR Southern Cross Fazenda Ride
Impressive mountain panorama in southern Brazil
Trail with overnights at Fazendas through thinly populated mountain landscapes (10 days)

  • ideal riding terrain: gently rolling hills, wide pastures, ever changing views and landscapes
  • Sierra in southern Brazil at an elevation of 3000-5000 ft
  • thinly populated
  • impressive rock walls, water falls and rivers, rough canyons
  • breathtaking views

detailed information

RIDING TOUR Coffee Fazendas Ride
Brazil´s coffee growing region in the federal state of Sao Paulo
Mountains and historic haciendas (7 days)

  • great riding terrain and varied landscapes: Wide fields, green hills, atlantic rainforest
  • overnights at haciendas and historic plantations
  • also available as equestrian center option

detailed information

RIDING TOUR Bahia Beach Traill
Discover Brazil´s wonderful beaches on horseback
Rainforest, lonely beaches and native inhabitants (7 days)

  • wide lonely beaches
  • native people
  • overnights at pousadas

detailed information

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