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Marocco Cities of Kings (8 days)

Morocco Altas (10 days)

Oase Tafilalet (15 days)

Nomadic Country and Beach (15 days)

Valley of Roses (8 days)

Magic of Sahara Trail (8 days)

Paradise Valley (8 days)

Magic of the south (8 days)

Riding Holidays 1001 night

Reittouren Marokko

Karthager-Trail Anti-Atlas Marokkos Süden R Marokkos Königsstädte Wüstenritt Tata-Akka



"The Earth is a peacock, and its glorious tail Morocco" is an old saying that alludes to Morocco’s exotic architecture, colorful lifestyles, and general love for life. Morocco brims over with exquisite contrasts, color and mystery and all you can do is simply catch your breath in wonder. It has a timeless quality that no longer exists in the modern world, a sense that the past with all its glory and savagery still lives on, threading in and out of the present, informing with its every word and gesture. On a horse riding holiday in Morocco you are plunged into a culture, a religion and a lifestyle utterly unlike anything that you have ever experienced before; a mystery tour of a land of endless surprises, enchantment and enduring fascination, a land perfect for a very special horseback vacation.

Horse Riding in Morocco
Explore Berber villages at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, fanciful adobe castles on the edge of the Sahara, and lush vegetation along the Mediterranean contrast with stern cliffs and rock formations.
Adventurous outdoor horseback riding trips and vacations in the African Moroccan desert and Sahara. Discover the rich countryside and culture from a horse's back.
Our Moroccan horse vacations offer a chance to escape the modern world and experience the exotic old tradition world, full of the bright colors and intrigue of the desert. Explore valleys that once belonged to mighty ancient kings, on our Cities of Kings horseback tour. Horse ride through the Atlas Mountains, or through the dunes on our Magic of the South horseback trip.







Morocco - Riding trails and star rides

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RIDING TOUR Marocco Cities of Kings
Tempels, bathhouses, palaces and desertlike sites
Starride Rabat - Fès - Rabat (8 Tage) MAR 008

  • Besichtigung von Fès
  • 3 overnight stays at hotels 4 in a camp
  • Ride through the 'valley of death'
  • Arabic and Berber horses

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Reittouren Marokko Königsstädte

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RIDING TOUR Morocco Altas
Sheeps, goats and berber in the uplands on 2000m
Fès - Tachchoukt - Rabat (10 days) ATL 010
  • Across the lake districts of the Dayets to the Atlas
  • See some macaques and boars and the 40 springs of Oum-er-Rbia
  • 2 nights at hotels and 7 nights in camps

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Reittouren Marokko im Mittleren Atlas

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RIDING TOUR Nomadic Country and Beach
Afar the mainstream tourism
Deserts, mountains and the atlantic ocean (15/ 9 or 8 days) TAT 015
  • Oasis, big plains, deserts, mountains, Oasen, cliff coasts and gorgeous sandy beaches
  • Long canter routes in the desert
  • Varied landscapes
  • Arabic and berber horses

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Reittouren Marokko durch die Wüste, für Geniesser

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RIDING TOUR Oase Tafilalet
A marrocan adventure in all its facets
Fast-paced ride across big sandy plains (15 / 9 or 8 days) SAH 015
  • A desert landscape of sand dunes, oasis, mountains and kesbahs that change colors in the different lights
  • Picknick between the oasis
  • "Dune Surfing " with and without the horses
    Heavenly sunsets
  • Camel rides across the dunes

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Reittouren Marokko, Wüste und Oasen

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RIDING TOUR Valley of Roses
Desert valleys at the bottom of the high atlas
Oasis, Palm groves, berber villages, high plains, valleys and lakes
(9 & 8 days) ROS008

  • Valley of the roses: Overnight stays in hotels and camps
  • Big dunes, palm groves and oasis
  • High plains and desert valleys
  • Deeper view on cultue and the beautiful landscape
  • Arabic and berber stallions

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RIDING TOUR Magic of Sahara Trail
Riding tour across the big desert, palm groves and berber villages
The fascination of the Sahara (8 days) MOM008

  • 2 nights at a hotel or guesthouses and the other nigths in camps
  • Huge dunes
  • Solitude and dilatation of the Sahara
  • Christmas eve and new years eve in the desert

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RIDING TOUR Paradise Valley
Riding tour through faraway mountains in the Anti Atlas
Hidden valleys, cacti and rocks ANT 008
  • Magic of the Anti Atlas
  • Palms and cacti
  • Dreamlike views
  • Maroccan food
  • Arabic and berber stallions

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RIDING TOUR Magic of the south
Riding tour between mountains, deserts and the sea
Berbervillages, Antiatlas-mountains and atlantic beaches MME 008
  • Lodging in Hotels/boarding houses or in camps
  • Sandy beaches, mountains and desert
  • Palm groves, cacti and argan trees
  • Take a bath in hot springs
  • Berber villages and typically markets
  • Maroccan food
  • Long distant rides

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STABLE Riding Holidays 1001 night

Nightly rides at the beach and distance riding
Riding vacation at the sea for beginners and experts MME STA

  • Very close to the beach
  • Varied terrain: Cliff coast, beaches, mountains, wadis, palm groves ...
  • Riding lessions for beginners
  • Getting started with distant riding
  • Riding vacation for the family
  • Neat arabic horses and berber
  • Directorship by René Chambon, former trainer of the national french distant riding team
  • Maroccan food
  • Massage & Wellness

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