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Arabian horses and desert nights

Wadi Rum (9 or 10 days)

Petra to Wadi Rum (8 or 10 days)


reiten in Jordanien und in Oman, Übersicht Oman Wadi Rum


This trip is for those who love the vastness of the desert and remote travel! You’ll follow the trails of the Bedouins and experience the mysterious desert landscape in all its variety and beauty. Ever changing  sand and rock formations make this ride a  truly unique experience as the Wadi Rum is well known to be one of the most impressive deserts of the world.

Lawrence of Arabia is known bei those who read his book 'The seven pillars of wisdom' or has seen the monumental films with Peter O'Toole. The Wadi Rum is a beatiful red desert with abstract and also smooth rock formations and clear starry nights. On this tour you will visit the original sites of the film.

The Wadi Rum is the most beutiful desert in the world with its canyons and its vast amount of colors and formations. The wadi Rum is home to one of the UNESCO world heritages - The Petra.

You will live traditionally like the Bedouins, setting up camp in convenient locations and taking care of your own horse. You will be supported by a fantastic local team and their excellent string of Arabian, Arab cross and Barb horses. This is an adventure of a lifetime for those of you who want to escape the over-stimulation of everyday city life, for those who long for the peaceful silence of a desert frontier. You will also visit the increasingly popular historical and archaeological city of Petra, a wonder to the senses and imagination. And you will experience the amazing Dead Sea, the lowest point on the Earth and it's strange hyper-saline waters which float the human body.

This horseback riding adventure includes 6 full horseback riding days in the Wadi Rum and is one of Hidden Trails most popular rides in the Middle East! This ride covers most of the Wadi Rum's ever-changing landscape - just an impressive trip!

Arrival: Jordan Amman airport

Climate & Weather: Always nice warm temperatures acourse of its high location. The nigths are comparativley cold. Day 25°C / Night 5°C

Eat & Drink: International meals at the hotels and traditonal ones on the trips. There will be always a cup of tea available.

Lodging: 3-4 Star hotels and campsides on the tours






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RIDING TOUR Jordan: Wadi Rum - Adventures in the desert
Ride like the stars in the film "Lawrence of Arabia"
Across the jordan desert, Petra & Dead Sea (9/10 days)

  • Follow the trails of the bedouins and experience the richness and beauty of the Wadi Rum
  • Arabic horses
  • Routes for cantering
  • Floating on the Dead Sea
  • Mount Nebo - Panorama view on the Holy Land
  • Petra - UNESCO cultural site
  • English speaking guides

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RIDING TOUR Jordan: Desert Ride & Petra
On the trace of the nabatean folks
From Petra, one of the modern worldwonders, to the the Wadi Rum (8/10 days)

  • Changing environments with different color and shape settigs like canyons and endless plains
  • A 2 days visit at Petra with exclusive ride through the 'Rose City'
  • Arabic horses
  • Floating on the Dead Sea
  • English and french speaking guides

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