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42 years young: our success is your guarantee for quality

Horses: Equitor AG will provide you easy to ride horses, that are typically inherent to the local breed like: andalusian, arab, berber, hispano-arab, icelandic horse, lusitanos, quarter-horse, tenesse walker and much more. They are well trained, very nerve-strong and road safe. For your training lessons you will be granted very well trained horses that have alot of experience and talent. Usally it seems like they are doing the hole work for you.

Supervision: Every riding group will be supported bay a tour guide. The guides usually speak many languages and is responsible for the smooth daily run. They are very experienced and will get you tzhe perfect fitting horse.

Riding in groups: regardless of wether you arrive alone or in groups, if in europe or in australia - the connecting love to horses will bind you together. Make new friends and enjoy socializing. A group of 10 people is ideal for every pace. The exact infos to the programms you will find on "Dates & Prices".

Corporate history: In 1973 Pegasus riding vacations was founded in germany indipendent to Equitour AG in switzerland. They merged 1986 and expanded to non-german-speaking foreign countrys. Cooperations with similar operators in america, skandinavia, netherlands and france worked together for Equitour AG. Today we are the eldest riding vacation specialist with the most experience and over 5000 horses worldwide. Highly recommended destonations are europe with 65% followed by america with 20% and Asia/ New Zealand with 5%.

Costumers: The biggest group of costumers are represented by woman with 68,6%. Men book riding vacations by 26,7% and there ist a small group of children with 4,7% who travel with their parents.

70% our costumers own a horse. The riding experience is mixed. The most costumers have a high level economic status, but there are also holidays available for not that well situated people.

The attractive offer of adventerous tours, luxury riding vacations and training programs can be booked online or via telefone ...

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